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FUTU RIST: The Label

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FUTU RIST is the independent, private label of executive music producer and artist AERIK KYLO.

The label was established in 2017, under the name Spiritual Humanist, to release the single ‘Celebrate Diversity’ by EDM producer SCIENTIFIC.

The label’s mission is to distribute music with empowering messages of diversity and inclusivity; with a special emphasis on exploring individual spirituality.

Headquartered in the Arctic, on the Lofoten Islands, Norway; the label distributes music globally, primarily in English and Norwegian languages.

Releases are mainly within electronic music genres, ranging from rap to rave. Notable acts on the FUTU RIST label include AERIK KYLO, BIGG DADDY LONG LEGGZ and the Norwegian rap group GRAVDAL GANGSTAZ (formerly JFK).

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